Best Places to Travel in Canada: Cowichan Valley

Word is spreading about a place familiar to those of us on Vancouver Island., a leading source on best places to visit, stay and eat in Canada, has highlighted some of the  farms, restaurants and wineries in an article honouring Cowichan Valley as No. 13 of 20 Best Places to Visit in Canada for 2015.

Cowichan Valley is already unique in that the region’s “Cowichan Bay” was designated the first Cittaslow community in North America.  Cittaslow is a network of International communities who “take time to build community relationships, celebrate the community’s unique history and traditions, promote craftsmanship and environmental stewardship, maintain the community’s distinct character, and engage residents and visitors by sharing in high quality living”.

Those travelling to Cowichan Valley will enjoy the “Mediterranean Climate Zone” with the warmest average year-round temperatures in Canada.

Make this one of your 2015 Destinations!  Enjoy the Cowichan Valley and travel to each of these artisan businesses, as well as many others in the surrounding area!




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